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"Hi Kiteboarders,

I have just finalized putting together my new project: GKCustom : Kites, SUP & Accessories.
Take 3 minutes to understand what it's about.

I want to use my 15 years kiteboard  product design, and production experience,
to offer to all Shops, Schools, Media, a unique personal custom production line.

I will be your direct link to a growing network of factories we are building every day.

In no way this is to compete with the existing brands you have, but give you more tools to promote your name, on the beach, on the water, in the waves, and bring more riders to your doorstep and deliver your best advice.

Your large range of high quality accessories in your name,  are perfect loyalty items to give out to your  team of customers.

To make your product range unique, you have access to a wide range of material colors, and very large prints for your graphics.

To put this project together, we had to standardize custom items in to a product we can easily produce in the standard production line. The solution was to create a basic pack with a wide range of products, but in small quantity for each. Everything is produced at the same time, just like a single large item.

From your Pack, you can Add-On products if you need, and produce every month your exclusive range of products you own forever.

Graphics are also standardized. Instead of creating print molds according to each individual request, we have 4 standard print sizes, where you can put in whatever you want for each print. Your prints spread over more than 20 products, just like if you do an add on a website with several banners.

Your product range will build up as we add new products, you are welcome to be part of the R&D process. Our concept is inspired by Open Source Software. Bring in ideas, share together, and produce for each, with your custom features.

The goal is to create a community brand, bring something new to our sport, get more involved in the gear we ride, and consequently keep it longer.

I have always built products to be as durable as possible, we offer at cost, spare bladders and parts with your custom pack, so you can keep riding for a very long time.

Participate slowing down a tiny tiny bit, the mass production, mass advertising and mass Trash cycle. That's for my save the planet part, that we all know is important.

Globekites is redefined, the existing GK products are redeployed  to GKCustom, I have designed many new products for this project like the Kite Cover. Globekites  will no longer promote it self as a standard brand, but as a design and production center, totally dedicated to custom production.

GK Custom Pack 1: 1x Kite Cover (option), 6 Kites minimum (select sizes), large range of Accessories.

We use the latest GK Trix for the Packs, great Free Style and Wave Kite.

Order sample kites for immediate  test. Only need a few days to get in your hands. "

Mat Pendle